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British Orthopaedic Association Annual Clinical Examination Course

The BOA Clinical Examination Course was set up almost a decade ago with the aim that trainees will attend on an annual basis whereby skills could be learnt at an early stage of training and repetition would result in perfecting a technique and consequently improvement in patient care and examination success.

It is taught by an experienced group of lecturers on clinical examination techniques. The format includes a morning of lectures covering all regions of the body. This is followed in the afternoon by a hands-on session where participants rotate in groups of similar skill level. In these tutorial groups there is a demonstration by an experienced consultant followed by practice in pairs of the techniques learnt.

This year Coriel specialists Mr Haslam ( Knee Specialist) Mr MacInnes ( shoulder specialist) and Mr Thiagarajah ( Hip specialist ) all attended to ensure that Coriel continue to offer the latest medical techniques and highest levels of expertise.


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