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nSTRIDE® Autologous Protein Solution

nSTRIDE® Autologous Protein Solution

nSTRIDE® Autologous Protein Solution


A Non-Surgical, Intra-Articular Injection for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
What is nSTRIDE® APS?

nSTRIDE® APS is an Autologous Anti-Inflammatory treatment, which is designed to treat joint pain associated with knee osteoarthritis. In laboratory testing, nSTRIDE®APS has been shown to protect cartilage tissue.

How does nSTRIDE® APS work?

nSTRIDE® APS will be injected directly in the knee joint. Positive outcomes may be possible due to the presence of high concentrations of anti-inflammatory proteins. The “good” proteins extracted by the nSTRIDE® system which in cell cultures have been shown to block cartilage destruction in Osteoarthritis. The joint pain may be reduced, and the joint function may be improved. The treatment is designed to be a single injection therapy in the doctor’s office.

What is nSTRIDE® APS made of?

The nSTRIDE® APS Kit processes the patient’s own blood in the doctor’s office to concentrate white blood cells, platelets and plasma proteins into a small volume of plasma. The output is approximately 2-3 cc of anti-inflammatory solution.

How is nSTRIDE® APS given?

2-3 cc of final output will be injected directly in the knee joint.

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What are the main benefits of nSTRIDE® APS?

nSTRIDE® APS may significantly decrease pain, reduce stiffness and help restore mobility and flexibility.

When will the treatment start to work?

Pain relief may be expected after one to two weeks.

How long can I expect the benefits to last?

Based on preclinical and early clinical results, patients may expect to see benefits for up to 24-36


How many injections of nSTRIDE® APS are required?

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of one injection. These studies suggest one injection can last up to 24-36 months.

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